About Us

      Victoria Esperance, CEO

Victoria, commonly known as Vicky, was inspired to start this brand by her mentor. She struggled first with defining the meaning of the brand and came up with the conclusion that if it didn't come from the heart, she wouldn't be as inspiring as she wanted to be. So, she spoke to one of her closest friends and finally came up with a name for the brand "NTRNZC", which came from the word "Intrinsic". It was hard coming up with the brand's identity though and it finally clicked during Vicky's low point in life. As she coped, Vicky decided to continue working on the brand with her group of friends and relating it to herself. This became her outlet. She knew people went through their own valleys in life, so being able to speak out through clothing and showcase strength from struggle, would resonate with them. Working and praying through the development of this line, finally the brand was born. The meaning was born. The identity was born.

What is NTRNZC? What does it mean? Stemming from the word “Intrinsic”, it gives a new view and definition on self-motivation and self-power. It combines struggle with growth with an emphasis on strength coming from within one’s self. It demonstrates how persistence within trials creates more durability in one’s self to withstand other challenges in life. Everything comes from within.

Feel it. 
Believe it.
Live it.
Wear it.
This is NTRNZC.